Map working group

2022, January – new MTBO map specification – uploaded here

MTBO mapping proposal for testing

The current International Specification for Mountain Bike Orienteering Maps ISMTBOM dates from 2010 and does not include specific mapping standards for Sprint. In 2015 the MTBO Map Working Group, led by Emily Benham, drafted standards for Sprint maps and reviewed every aspect of the current mapping standards to make improvements for better map reading and interpretation. The proposal below was submitted in January 2016.

Proposal 2016 with the recommended changes to the ISMTBOM
Common errors and solutions
Scales and symbol sizes

At the meeting in January 2018 it was agreed that the Map Commission will be responsible for the review of the ISMTBOM. The MTBOC will provide technical input. It is planned to have a draft of a limited revision available in April 2018 with the addition of some sprint symbols (stairs, canopy, …) and taking into account the request for mapping two different narrow rides. A solution for rideable/unrideable areas will follow later.

As soon as everything is ready, all documents will be published as drafts for public testing and commenting within the MTBO community. The IOF federations and organisers of future major events will be informed formally. Subscribers of the MTBO Newsflash will get the information via this way.