MTBO Event Adviser Clinics and Seminars

Event Adviser Clincis are seminars that are setup to train Event advisers.

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27-28 October – IOF MTB Orienteering Event Advisers’ and Organisers’ Clinic in Maryborough, Victoria, Australia

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These are the slides from the MTBO Event Adviser and Organiser Clinics for reference purposes based on the clinic presented in Austria on 4-5 March 2017. These slides, especially the specific MTBO related ones, contain expanded information compared to previous clinics.
​As usual, reading these slides does not substitute the following actions:

  • Reading the Rules
  • Understanding the Rules
  • Following the Rules

If you notice any mistakes on these slides, please inform Sandor Talas via sandor.talas [AT]

2017 Clinic presentation slides: