Young Guns Worlds Series


The “Young Guns World Series” for all Juniors and Youth MTBO racers became a reality in 2018 and will be held in 2021 for the fourth time.
The aim is to develop skills, make new friends and have some fun racing in different terrains.

No YGWS Series in 2020!
As many events couldn’t or can’t take place because of Covid-19, it was decided to cancel the 2020 YGWS Series. However, you may look forward to next year, plans are already well advanced for a great series in 2021!


M20 and W20 (Juniors), M17 and W17 (Youths)


Each event will have two races giving a total of 12 races. The best 6 races will count. Points will be allocated based on finishing position with 35 points for the winner, 33 for 2nd place, 31 for 3rd place, then 30, 29 and so on downwards as in the World Masters Series.
If a draw on points among the six best, it goes to heads to heads in the whole Series and then if still a draw, heads to heads in World Championships (European Championships for the Youth), then onto best total time in World Champs respectively European Champs for the Youth.

EVENTS and RACES 2021 (preliminary)


When Where What Format Camp, other
20/3 – 24/3/2021 Barraida (Portugal) 2 days/3races + 3 days training MD-SP-Relay yes
28/4 – 2/5/2021 Jutland (Denmark) MTBO Camp not yet defined yes
22/5 – 24/5/2021 Fontainebleau (France) 4 races in 3 days (2 WRE) MD-SP
10/6 – 18/6/2021 Finland WMTBOC-WJMTBOC SP – LD
2/7 – 7/7/2021 Plzen 5days (Czechia) 5 days races MD-SP
9/7 – 13/7/2021 Markt Allhau (Austria) 2 days training + 3 days races  not yet defined yes?
17/8 – 23/8/2021 Russia EMTBOC-EJMTBOC-EYMTBOC final rankings