World Masters Series


The map of embargoed areas for the WMMTBOC 2026 – Scotland has been published, see here..


The WMS competition will be in the following 5-year age categories: M/W35, M/W40, M/W45, M/W50, M/W55, M/W60, M/W65, M/W70, M/W75, M/W80, M/W85, M/W90. There is usually the same course for 35-40-45, 50-55, 60-65, 70-75 and 80-85-90, so entrants and organisers should provide year of birth information.
Unlike the World Masters Championships there are no competitor number restrictions per age classes. Five-year age classes are sacrosanct irrespective of competitor numbers for WMS points calculation.
There will be a nominal voluntary annual entry fee of just € 15 for the whole of the WMS 2024 to help fund medals/expenses.


The scoring is a simple points system: 35 points for a win, 33 for 2nd place, 31 points for 3rd place, then 30, 29 and so on downwards.
The WMS in 2024 constitutes twenty races in total, with the best seven races to count in five-year age classes.
In the event of a podium tie head to head encounters will be taken into account. If still a tie, then head to heads at the World Masters Champs will count and then finally the total time at the World Masters Champs.


The WMS is open to all Masters competitors over the age of 35. All Masters who enter a WMS nominated race are automatically ranked in the WMS if they are competing in their correct five-year age class. The correct five-year age classes shall be assumed as a default by the organisers.

Riding out of age class and gaining points in that class is not in the spirit of WMS and can only be allowed on an exceptional basis for good reason. For example international matches and then solely at discretion of the WMS organisers. Permission must be applied for prior to the start of the WMS each year and even then should be within a maximum of one ten year age band eg in an international match between two nations a 54 year old could by agreed exception compete in M40 in the international match. If only one or two races are competed out of class on a different course (eg an international match by agreement) then points will be awarded in their correct age class for those races as if they had finished in last position in their true YoB age class.

To encourage organisers of WMS races if they cannot compete due to mapping, organising, planning a WMS race, which stops them having the maximum seven races to count, then they will be awarded their average points from their counting races that season for those races they organise/map/plan.


World Masters Series 2024

  • 10 exciting events to choose from.
  • Each event has 2 counting WMS races.
  • Best 7 races to count overall.


WMS 2024 preliminary programme:
When Where What & Link Format Camp, other
14/10-15/10/2023 Canberra, AUS ACT Championships, link middle, long
24/2-25/2/2024 Loule, POR EuroChamps 2023 area middle, long
20/4-21/4/2024 Badajoz, ESP two races preceded by 2 races Portugal 6/7th (not WMS)
Spain event link
Portugal event link
middle, sprint Excellent Portugese Training Camp the week before Spanish WMS races Badajoz
27/4-28/4/2024 Balaton, HUN Invitation – link middle, long
8/5-12/5/2024 Thonon-les-Bains, FRA 5 days event, link sprint. long 5 days event
18/5-19/5/2024 Olomouc, CZE Czech cup – link to CZE eventor system, sprint, middle 3 races in 2 days
8/6-9/6/2024 Edinburgh/Falkirk, Scotland 3 days event, link to the flyer sprint, middle 3 days
5/7-7/7/2024 Smiltene, LAT World Cup, event link or link to eventor sprint, long
27/7-28/7/2024 Csíkdánfalva (Danesti), ROU MTBO Szeklerland Cup, Hungarian Cup, link to event here, link to bulletin 1 long, middle
6/8-10/8/2024 Viborg, DEN WMMTBOC, link sprint, middle World Masters Championship

+ Finale & Medal ceremony

WMS 2024 preliminary results (many thanks, Tamás).