World Masters Series


The WMS competition will be in the following 5-year age categories: M/W35, M/W40, M/W45, M/W50, M/W55, M/W60, M/W65, M/W70, M/W75, M/W80. There is usually the same course for 35-40-45, 50-55, 60-65, 70-75 and 80, so entrants and organisers should provide year of birth information.
Unlike the World Masters Championships there are no competitor number restrictions per age classes. Five-year age classes are sacrosanct irrespective of competitor numbers for WMS points calculation.
There will be a nominal voluntary entry fee for the whole of the WMS 2021 of just € 15 to help fund medals/expenses.


The scoring is a simple points system: 35 points for a win, 33 for 2nd place, 31 points for 3rd place, then 30, 29 and so on downwards.
The WMS in 2021 constitutes twenty races in total, with the best seven races to count in five-year age classes.
In the event of a podium tie head to head encounters will be taken into account. If still a tie, then head to heads at the World Masters Champs will count and then finally the total time at the World Masters Champs.


The WMS is open to all Masters competitors over the age of 35. All Masters who enter a WMS nominated race are automatically ranked in the WMS if they are competing in their correct five-year age class. The correct five-year age classes shall be assumed as a default by the organisers.

W/M35 riders should race in the M/W 40 class, but they will be ranked separately from M/W 40 riders.
Competitors riding down an age class will be included in the correct chronological age class for WMS purposes if the actual race course is the same. If the course is different, competitors cannot get points for the WMS and are thus not ranked in the WMS. If competitors wish to be counted in a lower age class for the WMS that year with different courses to their chronological age class, the competitors must declare their intended WMS class in writing to the organisers (email) a minimum of five days before their first WMS race that WMS season. If not declared before the first race, the default position is the correct chronological age class in that season for Series points classification. Changes cannot be made retrospectively.

Competitors may only count in one five-year age class in one WMS season.
In the event of problems leading to the validity of a race, a jury of three Masters Working Group members will be convened and will come to a decision in conjunction with information from the Event Adviser.

EVENTS and RACES 2021 (preliminary) 


When Where What Format Camp, other
17/4/2021 New Zeland not yet defined not yet defined no
20/3 – 24/3/2021 Barraida (Portugal) 2 days/3races + 3 days training MD-SP-Relay yes
28/4 – 2/5/2021 Jutland (Denmark) MTBO Camp not yet defined yes
7/5 – 9/5/2021 Veszprém (Hungary) Hungary Cup MD – LD – SP cancelled!
13/5 – 16/5/2021 Slovenia WMMTBOC WMMTBOC cancelled!
22/5 – 24/5/2021 France Fontainebleau + model
2/7 – 7/7/2021 Plzen 5days (Czechia) 5 days races MD-SP
9/7 – 13/7/2021 Markt Allhau (Austria) 2 days training + 3 days races not yet defined yes?
8/8 – 10/8/2021 Ornsköldsvik (Sweden) Swedish Champs
8/10 – 10/10/2021 Portugal Final races and pricegiving



Follow this link – World Masters 2021 scoring