Mid-European success in EYOC Sprint

The gold medal tally was Hungary 2, Germany 1 and Czech Republic 1 after the Sprint in Vilnius old town, Lithuania, the final race of EYOC. The Czech team had a fine day with 4 medals in all – 1 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze.

The Relay resulted in gold medals for all four Scandinavian countries, but their athletes had much less success today, winning four medals in total. Instead it was the mid-European countries that flourished, with Hungary taking victory in both women’s classes. Finland’s Silva Kemppi, gold medal winner in W16 on both of the previous 2 days, was in second place today.

The races were very technical; there were many artificial barriers in use, and some of the passages were entered just through an open door, so very precise navigation was needed. There were also forbidden areas and marked routes, which led to a few disqualifications.

Out on the course – intense racing amongst grand city buildings                  photos: Donatas Lazauskas

Viktoria Mag, Hungary won W18, finishing 8 seconds faster than the Czech Marketa Mulickova. Long Distance winner Salla Isoherranen, Finland was third, a further 10 seconds down. In W16 it was Rita Maramarosi who took top spot on the podium; her result was impressive – 32 seconds quicker than Silva Kemppi, with Lea Martanova, Czech Republic third, 39 seconds down on the winner.

M18 went to Konrad Stamer, Germany by 8 seconds. Norwegian Brage Takle, a member of yesterday’s winning relay team, took the silver medal and Vallet Mathias Barros, France the bronze. The 2 Czech athletes who won medals at Long Distance exchanged places today, with Jan Strycek today’s winner and Dan Bolehovsky the bronze. As in the Long race, the silver medalist was a Dane, this time Niels Dalgaard. Numbers 2 and 3 were 16 and 22 seconds down respectively.

M16 podium – three of the athletes are Czech

Team victory for Czech Republic

Team results are calculated from scores achieved in all three races – Long, Relay and Sprint. Top place goes to the Czech team with 1257 points. Second is Finland 1137, third Russia 980, fourth Hungary 930, fifth Switzerland 886 and sixth France 841.

Podium places, Sprint


  1. Viktoria Mag HUN 13:46
  2. Marketa Mulickova CZE 13:54
  3. Salla Isoherranen FIN 14:04
  4. Boglarka Czako HUN 14:10
  5. Elsa Sonesson SWE 14:13
  6. Nina Hubmann SUI 14:18


  1. Konrad Stamer GER 12:53
  2. Brage Takle NOR 13:01
  3. Vallet Mathias Barros FRA 13:20
  4. Martin Vehus Skjerve NOR 13:25

5= Hans Urset NOR & Jurgen Joonas EST  13:28


  1. Rita Maramarosi HUN 12:11
  2. Silva Kemppi FIN 12:43
  3. Lea Martanova CZE 12:50
  4. Eeva Liina Ojanaho FIN 13:03
  5. Michaela Novotna CZE 13:05
  6. Stanja Lindig GER 13:06


  1. Jan Strycek CZE 12:55
  2. Niels Dalgaard DEN 13:11
  3. Dan Bolehovsky CZE 13:17
  4. Jakub Racansky CZE 13:18
  5. Loic Berger SUI 13:21
  6. Kasparas Murenas LTU 13:30

Race highlights: