Educational material

Here you find a lot of education material to use when teaching orienteering.

The material on this site is sorted by language and further divided into seven different categories;

  • Starting orienteering / Orienteering @ schools
  • Advanced Orienteering
  • Coaching and training
  • Course planning
  • Map making
  • Event organising & controlling
  • Other material


Deutsch (German)

  • Starting orienteering / Orienteering @ schools
    • Einführung ins Kartenlesen (Swiss Orienteering)
    • Arbeitsblaetter (Swiss Orienteering)
    • It’sCOOL – Themenhefte (Swiss Orienteering). Buy here.
    • Spiele und Testfragen (Swiss Orienteering). Buy here.



  • Map making
    • How to produce a School map (Swiss Orienteering) [File: sCOOL_School-map.pdf]

Español (Spanish)



Français (French)

  • Starting orienteering / Orienteering @ schools
    • École de course d’orientation (Course d’Orientation Fédération Française) [URL:ésentation-dossier-pédagogique-oabc1.pdf]
    • Kiwi-O, La course d’Orientation pour les scolaires (NZ Orienteering)[URL:]
    • Initiation à la lecture de carte (Swiss Orienteering) [Files: sCOOL_Initiation_a_la_lecture_de_carte.pdf
    • sCOOL_Feuilles_de_travail.pdf (Swiss Orienteering)  [URL:]
    • Cahiers du théme (Swiss Orienteering); en vente:
    • Jeux et tests de connaissance (Swiss Orienteering); en vente:
    • Go4Orienteering [URL:]
  • Corse planning
    • Manuel de traçage (Swiss Orienteering). Buy here.
  • Map making
    • • Manuel pour l’élaboration de cartes scolaires (Swiss Orienteering) [File: sCOOL_F_manuel_pour_l_elaboration_de_cartes_scolaires_2013]

Hànyǔ (Chinese)

  • Starting orienteering / Orienteering @ schools

Hrvatski (Croatian)

  • Starting orienteering / Orienteering @ schools


  • Starting orienteering / Orienteering @ schools
    • Introduzione alla lettura della carta (Swiss Orienteering); [Files: sCOOL_IntroduzioneLetteraturaCarta_ital.pdf and sCOOL_Fogli_Lavoro_ital.pdf]
    • It’sCOOL Quaderni della materia (Swiss Orienteering). Buy here.
    • Giochi e test (Swiss Orienteering). Buy here.
  • Map making
    • Istruzioni per la realizzazione di carte scolastiche (Swiss Orienteering); [File: sCOOL_I_istruzioni_per_la_realizzazione_di_carte_scolastiche_2012.pdf]


Português (Portuguese)

  • Starting orienteering / Orienteering @ schools
  • Course planning



  • Starting orienteering / Orienteering @ schools

Türkiye (Turkish)



Old information

The literature and materials on this page are organised by language according to the below list and further divided into the following categories: ‘Starting orienteering’, ‘Schools and orienteering’, ‘Coaching and training’, ‘Map making’, ‘Course planning, event organising and controlling’, ‘Club development’ and ‘Other’.


Teacher´s guide
Starting orienteering & coaching and training


Français (French)