Q? I signed the form in 2016, do I need to sign it again for the 2019 season??

Answer: No, the form from 2016, 2017 and 2018 is still valid as an agreement. You can, however, sign the new agreement (form) if you want to.

Q? Where can I see if I have signed the form?

Answer: If you have paid, or initiated a payment, your status are shown on the in IOF Eventor/Athlete Licences page. If you have not paid the licence you can find your form status in:  Login into IOF Eventor, click on My Pages/My Athlete Licence.

Q? Do I need to have different licences and pay many fees if I participate in several Orienteering disciplines?

Answer: No

Q? Can I send in a signed form and wait to pay until I know I will participate in World Championships or World Cup?

Answer: Yes, that is good practice. Pay the fee when you know that you will participate in the first Event of the season. The National Team Manager should have identified the team members at least 10 days before the Event.

Q? How do I know that my payment and signed agreement have reached IOF?

Answer: You find the current status of your Athlete Licence in IOF Eventor. If you find that there is something wrong with you Athlete Licence please email IOF Office at [email protected] and let us know.

Q? Do I need to send the original signed form or is it good enought with and scanned copy sent by email.

Answer: You need to send the original. In special cases, where time is short, IOF Office will temporarily approve a scanned PDF version. Eventually ,you need to send in the original.

Q? A Junior in our team will participate in the World Championship relay. Do he or she need to have a valid licence?

Answer: Yes, everyone that participate in a Senior World Championship or World Cup competition need a valid licence.

Q? I cannot pay through the IOF Eventor payment options (Bank transfer or PayPal card payment). What should I do?

Answer: IOF will never accept cash payments. Please contact [email protected] to find a solution.

Q?: My Federation have paid for 10 licences in 2017 and have not assigned them or used them. Can we use them for 2018?

A: Late October every year, IOF go through every unused licence payment and transfer them to the next year for the Federation to use for the next season.