IOF strengthens process for evaluating event applications

IOF has taken initiative to develop a strengthened event application evaluation process for the most important IOF High Level Events such as the World Orienteering Championships (WOC).

The ambition is to create an even more thorough and transparent evaluation process when there is more than one applicant.

First of all, the objective is to select the most suitable organizer according to criteria, but also to leave the not selected candidate(s) with a feeling that they were treated with fairness and left with knowledge about what could improve their future bids.

This initiative is a follow-up of IOF’s strategic initiative in Strategic Directions 2022-2026 (link) to upgrade governance further.

The new process follows in line with the strategic initiative to upgrade governance further in IOF’s Strategic Directions for the period 2022-2026. Download them here

WOC 2027-appointment will work as pilot
The new strengthened process will be tested in connection with the appointment of organizer for the World Orienteering Championships 2027.

IOF has received to bids to organize the championships in 2027, one from Hungary and one from Sweden.

Both bids have passed the initial quality review and have been shortlisted.

The WOC 2027 organizer will be appointed during the IOF Council meeting on July 12 and 14, 2023.

Photo: William Hollowell