IOF strengthens partnership with CX80

The International Orienteering Federation is pleased to announce the agreement of a strengthened partnership with the Polish grease- and lubricant manufacturer CX80 until 2024.

With the new agreement, IOF’s major MTBO events will be called CX80 World/European MTB Orienteering Championships and the MTBO World Cup will continue to be called CX80 World Cup in MTBO.

In addition, the partners will work to expand the knowledge and awareness of CX80 and its products through various channels and events.

CX80 was founded in 1991 and produces highest quality technical chemistry products like: multifunctional products, specialized greases, high-performance lubricants, adhesives, sealants and many other specialised chemicals.

Combining innovation and technology to provide products necessary for countless industrial and consumer applications.The company has been an official partner of the International Orienteering Federation since 2020.

Besides the partnership with IOF, CX80 is a partner of the Polish Orienteering Federation as well.

In particular, Poland will attract a lot of international orienteering attention in the coming years, when it hosts the CX80 World MTB Orienteering Championships in 2024 and the European MTBO Championships in 2025.

Henrik Eliasson, CEO at the International Orienteering Federation says:

– We are impressed by CX80’s long term commitment to orienteering and are happy to strengthen our partnership in the coming years. The partnership will help us develop our major events and aligns perfectly with IOF’s strategic directions to improve the performance and sustainability of the IOF and the member federations.

Photo: Donatas Lazauskas