IOF International Training Camps for Youths

The IOF has put in place the opportunity for organisers of international orienteering training camps aimed at youths, to apply for IOF recognition for their camps. The idea of this effort is to help organisers to promote their training camps and hopefully help them develop their social, technical and financial capabilities.

Organisers who want to apply for IOF recognition shall follow the guidelines established by the IOF, such as embracing the IOF values and policies in the conduct of the camp, striving to involve youths from at  least 5 countries and providing quality training opportunities at appropriate levels of challenge. The applications will be evaluated by the IOF Regional and Youth Development Commission. Once approval is given the camps will be listed as an IOF International Orienteering Training Camp for Youths on the IOF webpage, and organisers can use the recognition in their promotion of the camp to potential participants, national federations and government and private supporters.

Information about how to apply for recognition can be found on this page in the Global Development section of the website.