IOF Council approves gender equality proposal

During meetings on June 27th and 30th the IOF Council approved a proposal from the FootO Commission regarding gender equality and changing the winning times brackets to target times.

Council decided to change the terminology across the rules of all disciplines from winning time brackets (e.g. 90-100 minutes) to ‘target times’ (e.g. 90 minutes) at international events, which shall be defined in the rules as being the average of the best 3 runners.

At the same time, IOF Council approved the proposed changes to the FootO Long distance target times:

• Target time for women shall be 82 minutes at WOC 2023 (men 90 mins).

• Target time for women shall be 90 minutes at WOC 2025 & beyond (men 90 mins).

The decision applies to all IOF High-Level Events, EYOC, JWOC and WMOC as well.

Find the details in the Minutes of Council Meeting 213, 11.8.