IOF bans fluoride waxes in SkiO

The IOF Council has decided to ban all fluoride waxes for the coming ski orienteering season.

The decision was based on a recommendation from the Ski Orienteering Commission and will be enforced with the proven trust-based system from last season.

In addition, Council approved to test a system with a common waxing team for all competitors at the last World Cup round in 2023 in Norway.

Acting chairperson in the SkiO Commission Lars Moholdt says:

– I believe IOF has taken an important step forward and shows how high we value the environment by being the first international sports federation to impose a total ban on fluoride waxes.
– We also look forward to testing the system with a common waxing team at the World Cup. It will potentially save the national teams from large expenses, create more fair competitions and make it easier for national teams with fewer ressources and new nations to enter the sport.
– The decision embraces IOF’s values: Sustainable, Inclusive and Ethical in the finest way, Lars Moholdt says.