In Egypt – first ever Trail Orienteering World Ranking event

In the beginning of February the first ever Trail Orienteering World Ranking event was held in Egypt.

More than 30 competitors from 10 different nations took part in the two days event – the Egypt International Trail Orienteering Championships 2018.

Alessio Tenani, Italy, won both the PreO and TempO competitions and now leads the Trail Orienteering World Ranking.

The next Trail Orienteering World Ranking events will be held in March: the Lipica TrailO in Slovenia on the 10th March and the FinTrailO in Finland on the 31st March.

The Trail Orienteering World Ranking system is defined in the World Ranking Scheme Rules 2017 October. To establish a valid World Ranking list during the first year, a seeding list has been produced for calculating ranking points during 2018. See Special Rules – TrailO World Ranking 2018 for the seeding list, which is attached as appendix 1 to the document.

There is only one Trail Orienteering World Ranking system and it manages results from both Open and Para classes. In WRE competitions with the same competitions settings, the WRE points will be calculated on a combined result list. In the major events, like the European Trail Orienteering Championships and the World Trail Orienteering Championships, where there are separate competition settings, there will be separate World Ranking Calculations from each class.