High Level Event Seminar goes digital also in 2022. EA Clinic in Sweden postponed.

The Covid-19 pandemic has gone into a new phase with the current increasing spread of the Omicron variant. This has caused the IOF to review its ability to conduct planned in-person development conferences and seminars.

High Level Event Seminar

It has been decided that the High Level Event Seminar, which was planned by the IOF Foot Orienteering Commission to be held in Budapest February 5-6, 2022, will be cancelled as an in-person event and will instead be organised as a series of digital presentations and discussion sessions Friday February 4 (evening) and Saturday February 5 (morning).  The Foot Orienteering Commission has published a revised Invitation to the IOF High Level Event Seminar 2022. Please note that online participation will be limited to 100, so registration should be done well in advance via the link provided in the invitation.

Event Adviser (EA) Clinic Sweden

Similarly, it has been decided to postpone the EA Clinic in Stockholm, Sweden which was planned to be held February 12-13, 2022.

The IOF FootO Commission, together with the Swedish Orienteering Federation, are planning to instead conduct the EA Clinic in conjuction with O-Ringen in Uppsala on July 22-23, 2022.