Here’s the winner of our SIAC design competition

We are happy to present the winning design of our Sportident SIAC design competition.

In the past weeks, we have received more than 50 unique, inventive and beautiful design proposals from all over the world as part of the competition presented together with our partner Sportident. And we are very grateful for all contributions.

After evaluating all the proposals, the IOF office has agreed on the SIAC design proposal from Matija Kučinac, Croatia as the winner:

Matija writes this about the process of creating the design:

“Some of my earliest memories are from orienteering and traveling around the world with my friends from OK Vihor.

As for my design, I wanted something recognizable and what we all look at during, after, and before races; a map! 😀 The first iteration had a white body with red control points located at the locations as in the final design, with some background greenery and open field vegetation symbols with both the Air+ and IOF logos positioned in the finish circle, with the text “International Orienteering Federation” running beneath the chip number field. But there was too much going on in such a small area. So I had to simplify! I removed all clutter which resulted in an easy-to-read design. All that was left was experimentation with different color combinations where the white-on-red prevailed.”

Matija will receive a copy of the new official IOF SIAC.

The IOF SIAC will be available for sale at 79 € from August 1st. Purchase your SIAC by using this link.