Here are the candidates for the 2024 IOF Council Elections

The list of candidates for the 2024 IOF Council elections taking place at IOF General Assembly on July 15th is now final as the deadline for nominations has passed.

During this year’s General Assembly, a President, two Vice Presidents and four Council Members are to be elected.

It is IOF’s Member Federations who nominate the candidates and each federation may only be represented by one person in the Council.


List of nominations:

Nomination for President:

Tom Hollowell (USA)


Nominations for Vice President:

László Zentai (HUN)

Linda Take (SWE)

Ildze Straume (LAT)


Nominations for Council Member:

Anne Straube (GER)

Jean-Philippe Stefanini (FRA)

Jukka Kokkoniemi (COL)

Ildze Straume (LAT)

Ingrid Okkenhaug (NOR)

Jürg Hellmüller (SUI)

Linda Take (SWE)

Takashi Sugiyama (JPN)

Walther Rahbek (DEN)

Go to the Council’s page on IOF’s homepage to see to see the current composition and elections periods

Find the current Statutes for IOF, that describe the nomination process and elections here


In addition to the Council elections, two athletes representatives have a seat in IOF’s Council.

The athlete members of Council are appointed by the Athletes Commission, consisting of members from the Athletes Advisory Groups, that were elected in March.

Currently, the AAG’s are in the process of shaping the commission.