Gold medals to Denmark and Czech Republic in EMTBOC Sprint

Denmark and Czech Republic got an impressive start to the AXIØMA European Mountain Bike Championships in Lithuania by winning one gold and one silver medal each in today’s Sprint.

W21 was decided by just five seconds, where Camilla Søgaard (DEN) beat Martina Tichovska (CZE) after 8,5 kilometers in mainly forest terrain.

Marika Hara (FIN) was third – 44 seconds behind Søgaard.

In the mens class, Vojtech Ludvik (CZE) won a clear victory, 21 seconds ahead of Morten Jørgensen (DEN), who is a first-year senior.

Last year’s Long Distance European Champion, Marcus Jansson (SWE) snatched the bronze medal, two seconds ahead of Simon Braendli (SUI).

Today’s Sprint kicked also off the CX80 World Cup, which consists of eight competitions this year.

Find the current standings here.

The junior and youth athletes rode their Sprint Distance as well, and here Kaarina Nurminen (FIN) won W20 by nearly two minutes, while Flurin Schnyder (SUI) took the M20 gold.

Finland got another gold medal in W17, where Aino Kankaanpaa won and Augustin Leclere secured a gold medal to France in M20.

Find today’s Web-TV stream, GPS-tracking and results at IOF LIVE:

Tomorrow the championships continue with the Long Distance. First start is 9.20 EEST (UTC+3) and the free Web-TV stream begins at 11.30. Find it here.

TOP 6 Results


  1. Vojtech Ludvik CZE 24:17
  2. Morten Jørgensen DEN 24:39
  3. Marcus Jansson SWE 24:53
  4. Simon Braendli SUI 24:55
  5. Krystof Bogar CZE 25:06
  6. Jonas Maiselis LTU 25:17


  1. Camilla Søgaard DEN 25:00
  2. Martina Tichovska CZE 25:05
  3. Marika Hara FIN 25:44
  4. Linn Bylars SWE 25:52
  5. Cæcilie Christoffersen DEN 25:53
  6. Katerina Novakova CZE 26:28

Photos: Donatas Lazauskas