Follow World Cup Round 3 LIVE!

On Saturday 31th August, the World Orienteering Round 3 and “Pre-WOC 2019” will kick-off in Østfold, Norway. There will be full TV production on the Pursuit and Relay competitions. Watch live on NRK 1 (Norway), YLE TV2 (Finland) and LIVE Orienteering (available globally).

All 4 races (Long distance; Prologue + Pursuit, Relay) will have live GPS and live results.

LIVE Orienteering – voluntary payment

The cost of producing high-quality live TV from orienteering events is substantial. For example the cost of the productions and live streaming from the World Cup in Norway is about 35 000 EUR per day. Today about 25% of the costs are recovered through the sale of TV rights and services. The remainder has to be financed by the organisers and the IOF. LIVE Orienteering has become an important source of financing for the productions but obviously the ideal situation would be if we could make the productions available for free.

We have therefore decided to try a new concept for the financing of TV productions and LIVE Orienteering, you could call it a kind of crowdfunding. LIVE Orienteering will be open for all to view but we are asking viewers to pay a voluntary payment towards the cost of production and transmission. We recommend a payment of 10 EUR for this World Cup round, or 5 EUR per race. You are welcome to pay more or less. But we hope that viewers will understand the value of contributing towards the cost of the productions, and the work that is put into this by the organisers and the IOF.

By helping finance the productions you can participate in the development of orienteering on television and via live streaming, and make it possible to continue watching high-quality orienteering productions in the future. We believe that orienteers across the world are interested in helping out.

Link to voluntary payment page

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