Fluor testing procedure ready ahead of WSOC/JWSOC/EYSOC in Austria

IOF has made preparations for fluor-testing of skis at WSOC, JWSOC and EYSOC in Ramsau next week.

Details about the procedure and guidelines for ski and equipment cleaning methods are published in the Ski Orienteering competition rules section here.

Furthermore, IOF and the organisers will offer an Open Testing Session prior to the races, where all teams can test their skis and the thoroughness of their cleaning.

The program for the session will be provided to the teams at their arrival to the championships.

IOF’s Council decided to impose a ban on all waxes containing fluoride in IOF competitions in September 2022 based on a recommendation from the SkiO Commission and to follow up on IOF’s sustainability commitment.

The FAQ regarding the ban on fluorinated waxes in SkiO can be found here.