Finnish relay league kicks off IOF TV premiere on Sunday

Orienteering fans from all over the world will have great opportunities to follow no less than 8 weekends of exciting club relay races this season.

The legendary 10mila, Venla- and Jukola Relays and high standard Finnish Relay League will all be available on IOF’s brand-new streaming platform IOF TV.

Running cameras as well as traditional cameras and GPS tracking will together provide a great chance to follow the relays closely. All will feature English commentary.

Pay per view on IOF TV will cost 6 euros for each event, except of 10mila and Jukola weekends that will cost 25 euro for the whole weekend.

The user account and password is NOT transferred from the previous broadcasts on IOF LIVE, so you need to set up a new one.

The first round in the Finnish Relay League, FinnSpring Relay is held this Sunday, April 23.

IOF TV Broadcast
All times are EEST (UTC+3)

10.15 Broadcast start
10.30 W21 Start
12.15 M21 Start
14.20 (est.) Broadcast end

IOF’s experienced commentator Jonas Merz will guide the viewers through the relays on Sunday.

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Club relays planned so far in 2023:

23 April, Finnish Relay League #1 FinnSpring-viesti, Sauvo

5 May, Finnish Relay League #2, Kevätyön viesti, Turku

20-21 May, 10mila (Skellefteå, Sweden)

28 May, Finnish Relay League #3, Lakeuden viesti, Seinäjoki

17-18 June, Venla & Jukola (Finnish Relay League #4), Porvoo

27 August, Finnish Relay League #5 Kuopion Viestiliiga, Kuopio

10 September, Finnish Relay League #6 SM-viesti (Finnish Championships), Hollola

23 September, Finnish Relay League #7  Pre-Jukola, Kauhava