Welcome to Estonia!

Welcome to Kääriku Sports Center, Otepää, Estonia!

IOF and the Estonian Orienteering Federation welcomes you to follow the Ski Orienteering World Championships 2021. All 4 competitions will be covered with Web-TV broadcast with English speaking commentator. Read this page to warm up and then follow the competitions by selecting the competition day in the tabs above.

Live Broadcasters:

  • Estonia – Web-TV (Estonian language) https://sport.postimees.ee/
  • International Orienteering Federation – Web-TV here in LIVE Orienteering – Global, English and Russian commentators

Web-TV Broadcasts

Sprint 24th (Wednesday) 10:25-12:35 (EET, UTC +2)

Pursuit 25th (Thursday) 09:40-12:25 (EET, UTC +2)

Middle 27th (Saturday) 11:10-14:50 (EET,UTC +2)

Sprint Relay 28th (Sunday) 10:55-12:00 (EET, UTC +2)



IOF, the Web-TV-production team and the local organisers are doing our best in making available all  competitions, at a good quality, to all orienteering followers around the globe at a reasonable cost. The setup of globally distributed live streams from the production bus to the follower’s phone, tablet or computer is a complex project where the are several possible issues that can appear. We will do our best to provide good quality, fun and exciting competitions at your home!

Due to the big variation in type of device that our followers use, we strongly recommend checking the supported devices page . Mobile/tablet followers must use Chrome or Safari browsers.

Status, Feedback and questions

If you encounter any problem or have any feedback, please report it us. We will read all feedback.

Feedback problems with the LIVE Orienteering portal in general and Web-TV stream issues to: live@orienteering.org

If you want to find the status of the Web-TV, please check the top of each competition page.