Day program


The TV show will start at 13:05 and ends at 15:20. The sprint distance day will start with the Women competition and the Men competition will follow.


11.30 Quarantine closes

13.10 First start (Live results start)

14:05 Expected last finisher

~15.05 Flower ceremony women


11.30 Quarantine closes

13.50 First start (Live results start)

15:05 Expected last finisher

~15.10 Flower ceremony men

Help IOF to test our new Player and Paywall!

Dear Orienteering Followers!

IOF have made a new LIVE Orienteering platform and we try to make our high quality TV productions available globally and on demand. Our goal for the 2019 season is that the Web-TV streams from World Cup and World Championships shall be delivered to you at a defined quality:

  • No stop in the stream
  • No lagging issues caused by Stream production
  • A nice and simple purchase procedure
  • A nice and simple login procedure

We would appreciate if you could take your time to test the new Login and paywall procedure by doing a purchase of WSOC competitons and test the user experience. The net income from your symbolic event fees for this test will go directly to the Organiser of WSOC 2019 to cover part of the cost of the Web-TV and all live services. {background: initial !important;} {background: initial !important;}.inplayer-paywall footer a {color: black !important;}.inplayer-paywall footer {padding-top: initial; padding-bottom: initial;}

var paywall = new InplayerPaywall(‘c3d15572-cf0c-4937-9d4b-7a6a3aee290e’, [ { id: 48686 } ], { brandingId: 300 });

Live GPS

Women (Published 13:10)

Men (Published 13:50)

Live results

Women (Live 13:10)

Men (Live 13:50)


Official results

Men (Published 15:45)

Women (Published 15:45)

Press results (Published 15:45)

Start lists

Men (Published -1 day)

Women (Published – 1 day)


Flow-Flow admin info: Please choose stream layout on options page.

Flow-Flow admin info: Please choose stream layout on options page.

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