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The race will be held in Seinäjoki, Finland.

Seinäjoki is the centre of South Ostrobothnia and one of the fastest growing urban areas in Finland.
Seinäjoki’s population is 63.000 and it covers an area of 1.469,19 km2. Formed by nine municipalities, the urban area of Seinäjoki has a population of 150,000.
Seinäjoki offers high-quality education from comprehensive school to university level as well as good employment opportunities and, as Finland’s sixth largest market area, very competitive and attractive commercial services.
Seinäjoki well known for its unique administrative and cultural centre, The Aalto Centre, designed by the architect and academic Alvar Aalto, as well as for its summer events e.g. Provinssirock, Solar Sound, Tangomarkkinat, and Vauhtiajot.


9:00 Junior starts
10:30 Senior starts

Competition information

M21 W21 M20 W20
Length (shortest) 9 200 m 7 300 m 7 100 m 5 900 m
Total climb 85 m 65 m 65 m 55 m
Controls 29 26 26 23
Winning times 20-25 min 20-25 min 16-20 min 16-20 min

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