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From all races there will be live results, GPS-tracking and a simple video stream.

Welcome to Baia Mare

Baia Mare is located in the northwestern part of Romania (70 km from the border with Hungary and 60 km from the border with Ukraine). It is crossed by the Sasar river and has about 200,000 inhabitants. It was an important mining center, a lot of non-ferrous ore was extracted around the city, but the mines closed one by one, nowadays there are very few mines operating. Baia Mare is known not only for its underground riches but also for the surroundings that give a special beauty to the place. In addition, the city of Baia Mare and Maramures County are famous for the fact that they managed to preserve very well their Romanian traditions and customs.

Baia Mare is also an important cultural center, the city was a finalist in the race to obtain the titles of European Capital of Culture in 2021, as well as the title of European Youth Capital in 2023.