Czechia’s Ondrej Maček takes runaway victory in WTOC TempO

A difference of 101 seconds between gold and silver medalists was the outstanding feature of the final competition in the World TrailO Championships today. Ondrej Maček made just one mistake on the whole course of 8 stations – 40 tasks in all.

The silver medal went to Simone Frascaroli, Italy and the bronze to Simon Maraček, Czechia. The young Czech team ended here with 3 podium places.

The course was in 2 sections – six stations in rocky terrain, followed by a short car journey and two stations visible to spectators in an ‘English park’ beside the impressive ancient castle in the Event Centre, Zakupy. Two very contrasting pieces of terrain. Both styles tested competitors to the full, and Maček –  born only in 2002 – produced a performance under the pressure of a championships that was impressive to say the least.

So ends a very well organized championships with huge variation of terrain, much of it quite spectacular. The next international championships in TrailO will be held in Turkü, Finland – the European TrailO Championships in May 2024.

Leading results, TempO

  1. Ondrej Maček CZE 270 seconds
  2. Simone Frascaroli ITA 371
  3. Daniel Locker CZE 406.5
  4. Simon Maraček CZE 412
  5. Simon Mižur SVK 417
  6. Anders Haugskott NOR 420.5

Photo: WTOC2023 Media