CX80’s double partnership strengthens orienteering in several ways

If you have followed IOF’s major events in recent years, you probably have no doubt: The Polish grease- and lubricant manufacturer CX80 is one of IOF’s most important partners.

The distinctive red and white logo appears at run-up sections and on backdrops at World and European Championships and both major MTBO championships and the MTBO World Cup carry the name CX80.

The athletes follow the red and white CX80 marks after the World Cup relay start in Østfold, Norway in 2023. Photo: Snorre Veggan

CX80 was founded in 1991 and produces highest quality technical chemistry products like: multifunctional products, specialized greases, high-performance lubricants, adhesives, sealants and many other specialised chemicals.

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The company has been an official partner of the International Orienteering Federation since 2020, but what you may not know is that CX80 is at the same time a partner of the Polish Orienteering Federation.

“CX80 is the main sponsor of the Polish Orienteering Federation. Beside the strong financial support that goes primarily to our national teams in both FootO and MTBO, CX80 products appear as prizes to many national events. The company also takes uncoventional paths and supplies fruit on the finish lines for all runners at some races. Polish Orienteering is definitely a better place thanks to CX80,” says Wojciech Dwojak, member of the board in Polish OF.

Joins trainings in bad weather
And for the Polish national team athletes, it is also clear that the CX80 is a partner that involves itself more than the average.

Oleksandr Kratov has experienced this in his role as coach for Poland’s FootO national team.

“I have seen a more personal level of support, eg. when the head of CX80 Dariusz Nadera is taking part in some of our trainings and chatting with the runners. CX80 supports some of them directly and some are supported via the federation. I think it is really cool when head of the company stays true to the fun of our sport and easily can join a night training in bad weather. It sends a good signal to elite runners as well as youngsters,“ Kratov points out.

CX80 banners at the European MTB Orienteering Championships in Lithuania in 2022. Photo: Donatas Lazauskas

Although it may not happen every day that a partner chooses to cooperate with both a national federation and an international federation within the same sport, it makes perfect sense for CX80.

CX80 CEO Dariusz Nadera explains:

“Partnering with the Polish Orienteering Federation and the International Orienteering Federation definitely provides CX80 increased brand visibility and access to a targeted audience interested in orienteering. It also gives invaluable networking opportunities within the orienteering community, and potential collaborations on events or initiatives that align with CX80’s goals. Additionally, it enhances the company’s image by showcasing a commitment to supporting sports and community activities,” Dariusz Nadera says.

In 2022, IOF and CX80 decided to strengthen tehir partnership with the current agreement, that runs until the end of 2024.

It meant that IOF’s major MTBO events are called CX80 World/European MTB Orienteering Championships and the CX80 MTBO World Cup continues to carry the company name.

In addition, the partners agreed to work on expanding the knowledge and awareness of CX80 and its products through various channels and events.

Eager to kick off events together
And in the coming time, CX80 will have a great chance to showcase the company and its products, as Poland hosts the CX80 MTBO European Championships and World Cup from 29th May – 2nd June this summer and the CX80 World MTBO Championships in August next year.

Poland is also hosting the European Youth Orienteering Championships in the end of June.

And IOF looks forward to fullfill the strengthened partnership agreement and lift the upcoming events to new heights together with CX80 and the Polish Orienteering Federation.

“CX80 continue to impress us with their longstanding commitment to orienteering. The double partnership gives us a unique opportunity to work with activation on events and joint initiatives, that are beneficial to all parties. It also aligns perfectly with IOF’s strategic directions to improve the performance and sustainability of the IOF and the member federations. We can’t wait to kick off the coming events together with CX80 and the Polish Federation,” IOF CEO Henrik Eliasson says.

IOF, Polish OF and CX80 meet regularly to discuss further cooperation. This photo is from a meeting in 2022.
From left: Igor Błachut (chairman of the Polish MTBO Commission and member of IOF MTBO Commission), Wojciech Dwojak (Councilmember in Polish OF), Henrik Eliasson (CEO of IOF), Łukasz Charuba (chairman of the Polish OF) and Dariusz Nadera (CEO of CX80).