Call for WRE applications

It is time to apply for World Ranking Events for 2023 season.

World Ranking Events are important for athletes and Federations. By participating athletes will receive world rankings points which often is used as criteria for deciding start order in IOF Events. From the World Ranking lists, a Federation League Table is created which is used for determining national quotas for the World Cup.

Normally, the idea to host an IOF WRE Event comes from either a national Organiser or the member Federation. The Organiser and the Federation agree on this and appoint an IOF Event Adviser. There is no limit in the number of WREs that a Federation may apply for each year.

The formal application for a World Ranking Event is done by the Federation in IOF Eventor. The general deadline is to apply for a WRE before 30th September the year before the events. IOF Office and the relevant Discipline Commissions will manage and approve the application.

For additional information, and specific requirements per discipline. Please visit the Event application section on IOF web.