Athletes Representation – important deadline approaching

Nominations for the Athletes Advisory Groups and IOF Athletes Commission must be sent to the IOF Office by April 1, 2021.

At the IOF General Assembly in 2020, an important change was made to the IOF Statutes opening for the direct representation of 2 Athletes Representatives as voting members on the IOF Council, beginning from the next General Assembly in 2022. This direct representation also means that a formal process for the election of athletes representatives in the IOF structure has been established. The end of the nominations period to the Athletes Advisory Groups (AAGs) for each IOF discipline is coming close. The members of the Athletes Commission (AC) and athletes representatives on the Council will then be elected among the members of the AAGs.

For further information about athletes representation in the IOF and the nominations process please see the previous article published here on the website.

Once all nominations are received, voting will be conducted digitally among all athletes who have participated in IOF World Championships or World Cup events in the past 3 years (due to the pandemic this will initially extend over the years 2017-2019). Information about the nominated candidates will be distributed to all athletes with voting privileges.

For the voting we will be using the personal contact e-mail address for each athlete as registered in IOF Eventor. So for all athletes who want to take part in the voting process we ask that you as soon as possible make sure that your contact information in IOF Eventor is up to date. Voting will begin around April 15.