Alexandersson and Kyburz top World Cup rankings

Top athletes in this year’s World Cup after the European Championships are Tove Alexandersson, Sweden and Matthias Kyburz, Switzerland. Both dominated their competitions, winning two of the three individual races and finishing second in the other.

The other women’s race winner in Switzerland, Marika Teini from Finland, is third in the list. Between her and Alexandersson is Natalia Gemperle, Russia, who had a good all-round performance with a second, a third and a sixth place. The young Swiss star Simona Aebersold, just moved up from junior ranks, demonstrated her great potential and is fourth. Her compatriot Julia Gross, disqualified in the Middle race, is nevertheless sixth, with Maja Alm, Denmark betweeen them.

Matthias Kyburz and Daniel Hubmann, two of the biggest-ever stars of Swiss orienteering, take first and second places in the men’s list. The Swiss men showed great strength overall, and there are 5 Swiss in the top 9 in the list. Olav Lundanes, Norway showed his tremendous ability in tough terrain with his Long Distance win, and he is placed third in the standings. Ukraine is represented in fifth place with Ruslan Glebov.

The next World Cup round is the World Championships in Latvia in early August.

Leading individual World Cup scores after first round


  1. Tove Alexandersson SWE 280 points
  2. Natalia Gemperle RUS 180
  3. Marika Teini FIN 125
  4. Simona Aebersold SUI 105
  5. Maja Alm DEN 95
  6. Julia Gross SUI 93


  1. Matthias Kyburz SUI 280
  2. Daniel Hubmann SUI 182
  3. Olav Lundanes NOR 160
  4. Florian Howald SUI 120
  5. Ruslan Glebov UKR 113
  6. Vojtech Kral CZE 96