78 event advisers got new insights

On Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th November, IOF Foot Orienteering Commission (FOC) had invited IOFs Event Advisers for the annual online Event Advisers seminar. As seminar leader, Áron Less mentioned in his opening speech, this kind of seminars have been made easier to organise since we have all got used to meet online during the pandemic.

Event advisers from all over the world participated and since the Saturday session was relatively early European time and the Sunday session somewhat later, all participants could participate in a part of the seminar in reasonable time. All the presentations have been recorded, so everyone has another chance to view or maybe re-view the presentations. The link to the IOF Youtube channel with the presentations is found here.

A lot of important subjects were covered by the presenters so it will not be possible to mention everyone, but IOF Foot Orienteering Commission would like to extend a special thanks to 27 year FOC member David May for another great presentation about World Ranking Events. Also, FOC is pleased for the support from the IOF Rules, Map and Sustainability Commissions as well as Henrik Skoglund from IOF Office, who gave updates and perspectives on their work.

Last, but not least, FOC is happy that the Senior Event Advisers from Championships and World Cups in 2023 took time to share their valuable experience from the events, they were advising.

FOC is thankful for both the presenters and the participants for the valuable work they do to secure the quality of International Orienteering Events all over the world and the commitment to continuously learn from experience collected from past events.

On 3rd and 4th February, several of the participants will meet again along with the organisers of our largest international events in the future years, when the IOF High Level Event Seminar is organised on site in Budapest. The invitation for this seminar will be launched soon.